Tuesday 12/18/2012 12:39:00 AM

the wind. the world. in moisture on the windows. distant, yet powerful. kites on torn strings. carelessly teasing the sun. until the moment they are incinerated.

we don't wait for the end. we pursue it. children begging strangers for candy.

all too eager to be poisoned.

dying happens slowly. not as you would expect. piece by piece. until only empty skin is left. dying happens, but the disease is living.

voices like sticks and stones. i've failed the future. i've wasted the past.

this world doesn't want me. i don't want it. two strangers. sit silently. alone in a room. 

i'm paper. empty lines. trembling with looming words. i'm chapters. thick with resentment. drowning in a world where i don't know how to swim.

hoping it will kill me, but constantly disappointed.

i'm blind. no light. scraping for an exit. selling despair. from pinheads and syringes.

time is small. fits inside my palm. tin gears and paper pistons. moments are vast. cardboard gods and plastic satans. dwarf everything.

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