Wednesday 11/14/2012 12:00:00 AM

templates. commissions paid in skin. data. saviors drawn in pencil. as the pages swell with so many strangers. numbers dance like daggers. the steal of choices. the sour of selection. the hour stutters as it moves through her veins. charmed by the angles. betrayed by the math.

the portal resolves. to nowhere. running in circles. searching for the exit. the window cracks. spreading fingers in the poison. the enemy comes and goes. the war remains constant.

drawings. faces in the fog. create her. in fits of flesh and fury. numb to gravity. as it all falls down. like so many canteens lost to the desert.

the simple child. writhes in submission. consenting to the slavery. the edges hunger. parch. reconcile. to dry wells and rotten meat.

the destination laughs. monsters in their people faces. scales to measure how empty it is. the numbers listen. the equations negotiate. slipknots in the when. tremors of if.

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