Friday 11/16/2012 11:21:00 PM

the blizzard wears her. in pale shades of snow. inches. years. faces. patterns in the void. thieves surrender to their matchstick. one small flame overwhelmed by darkness.

thin ladders shiver the path. heavy autumns spoil the fire. liars and victims too similar. the itch in the noose. a world rich with giref. Beautiful Iago's in their creased capes. No swords to slash. Just a gaping jaw and the empty words that fall at random. tepid lightning strikes.

her giants sleep. weakly fetal. rustling in their beds. jagged gardens. breathless with the choices only time can extend.

the yellow. slithering exceptions manipulate the grid. shrinking martyrs in a kingdom of deflating gods. the red. the roulette of skin. spinning wheels and anxious bets. that bring us no closer.

eyes like staples. fingers like glue. the weight of the words impossible.

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