Sunday 11/18/2012 01:00:00 AM

suspicious time lines. choke on the drum. soft stairs replenish. broken atoms. simple lies to offset the bigger ones.

her road maps in flesh and dandruff. the pulleys impatient as gravity shuffles into oblivion. take the doorway. in fangs and claws. open wounds deliberately tempt the wolves.

tomorrow's thin lips. yesterdays swollen tongue. either way, the words are the same.

vagrant iterations. cycles of when. these bones still sweated life. these shadows still touched the sun. shallow harbors fiddle with the dial. arrogant machines bully the clock. we live our lives as outlines. waiting to be filled in. talking in colors. loving in pictures.

too often, the future comes back for her. and she is stubborn. refuses it.. wearing her eyes backward. telling her stories with erasers. imagining the ink will someday catch up.

every day we are destroyed. lost and recovered. in a chaotic compendium of desperate choices.

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