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Distance Over Time
Tuesday 11/13/2012 12:09:00 AM

slits in the thread. ample needles. bark the syllables of dying. the forgotten path finds her. after years wasted in tremors. a bridge over tumbling utopias. a vantage point on the damage. toy cars in the laps of giants. this simple dream of living. a reluctant whisper clenched in my fist.

stirring the stars. the darkness thickens. a rich gravy on decaying thoughts. the sky falls. as it is given to do. propped up by so much imagination. a rancid feast of ill considered choices. the fickle dominion of gods and demons. has plenty of room for us in the flames.

the simple lies that define our truths. are nothing if not spectacular. that life still charms us into worship. tilted mountains feeling for the sun. the arrogance of gravity. as it pretends it keeps us here.

she drags the heavy Earth behind her. satchels of wisdom and woe. when everyone is hungry a slice of bread makes you rich. when everything is dark a candle is all it takes to be king.


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