Wednesday 11/07/2012 12:11:00 AM

blank stories write the stone. pebbles and boulders fall just the same. the colors lie. the eye is gone. terminals pretend to know where it ends. roads insist they have somewhere to go.

parts. relucant jigsaws and vicious ends. the puzzle resolves to itself. dead before it begins.

salvage rewards the stripped. the desolate. a crippled train pushes forward into the abyss.

against the grain of desperation's velvet skin. slouches the thunder of the forgotten. distant ships force the tide. press the shore. for some place to land.

seldom worlds collide. in a violence of choices. my money's on the better liar.

it goes. like water down windows panes. a nervous sex of quench and thirst. it leaves. in silence. as awkwardly as it came.

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