Monday 11/05/2012 11:44:00 PM

dark in the root of the stare. blue arms rake the black. grow the ache in threads and swells. turning, toiling nothing. as empty as its appetite is large. red fingers stroke the orange. the sleep of impatient martyrs. vomits nightmares.

panting highways force the miles. in crunching hours and stabbing years. time betrays. the young and the old the same. 

far. far like alone is heavy. dragged. never lifted.

close. close like despair is patient.

we choke down the distance. burnt tea and stale crackers. stealing the journey at every gap. miles at our throats. miles at our backs. we wear the empty. confident in our hardships. grateful for small candles.

turns and pieces chase the void. with stilted abandon. the storm leaves us behind. thoughtless. unceremonious destruction. huddled orphans and pounding egotists. hammer their nails into rotted wood.

the storm leaves. much the same as it found us. broken branches. in the shadows of fallen trees.

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