Thursday 11/08/2012 11:39:00 PM

hours on the rim. flooded chalkboards. wait. wait for  the world to find. the broken pencils on the floor. it's just tomorrow. it doesn't mean anything at all. forgotten lovers in the ocean's clenching fists. distant blizzards in the footsteps of arrogant hurricanes.

she wore me. like thin underwear and thinner scripts. devils in long nooses. gods in slipknots and shallow skins.

the eager departs her. furtive and raw. to lies. to pretend. to say it's over when it's not.

the huff of humanity. weak and harsh. a stab of vaccine in a frenzy of disease.

if we are nothing. and nothing is what we are. paper daggers honing their edges on the darkness. paper dolls clutching the folds.

nothing close enough to grasp. nothing too far away to forget. the truth is purgatory. life is waiting out the storm.

pennies and teddies bears. copper and chocolate. the world ends at every corner. starts again at every door.

the atoms split. the colors mingle. we are lost. everything changes. nothing does. the cold writes its stories in dead batteries and broken glass.

kittens on the roof waiting to be drowned. islands in the ocean. eager to be found.

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