Saturday 9/29/2012 12:54:00 AM

sideways singularities. sequin petal porcupines. her concessions. warm and bright. with rusted needles and missing buttons. parallel conditions. cloud kiss spectrograph pantomimes. her lies. warm and bright. with soft hooks and tender wrenches.

the parable at her back confessing loudly. brutal butterflies tickle the wind. the hole in her abdomen claws for closure. candy mountains melting into sticky moats. all our protagonists suffocated in a sweet sugar coating.

the purple falcon with domino eyes hunts accusingly at the sparrow's side.

yesterday. yellow like the claws of the sun. long corridors drowning in exits. black as the pillow that steals her frown. still transmitting, pastel blue tortoises in the armpits of gods. the nightmares of omnipotence smaller than I'd imagined.

sparkle stabs in melting engines. the sublime autonomy of selfishness.

measuring the void by the strength in gravity's fist. mapping the journey by depth of the abyss.

the simple paradox that is reason.

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