Monday 10/01/2012 11:59:00 PM

stolen dimensions. knots in time. the feather and the fire. calm apocalypse rages. portals. bridges. pale confessions. dead things dressed in neon.

a tortoise runs. courageously slow.

all the windows are open. no glass to break. but still it shatters.

divisions. calm assumptions. the tremble of the animal as we flaunt these cages. spoiling conditions. sour skin ripens to lust. her hungry bones ripe with repetition. life transpires in cycles. revolutions. we always come back to where we started running.

gardens waiting on their flowers. butterflies lifeless on the sidewalk. we follow the path. footsteps in blood. conspire to know us.

the darkness shifts. a thoughtless mitosis. spreads the sickness. empty baskets. thick forests. and candy houses infested with impotent gods. the fire speaks. small words. the flame wears her. in a prism of choices. bad robots and seldom kings. solving for x.

the price of strangers greater than she can afford. the promise of life broken again.

rotting apples. eager for the world to begin. 

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