Thursday 9/27/2012 12:43:00 AM

square eyes feign sight. a calm and chaotic tableau. feverish with needles and skin. thirsty for dreams that never come.

it's grey. always without color now. a thunder of images betray. thin scabs. deep cuts. healing comes in a blink of vision that consumes. it's red. sour with the tint of touch. though everything is so distant.

round fists hold onto nothing. a simple and profound chasm. sober with truth and speculation. high on lies no one has told.

the zipper bites down on what's between us. dull teeth chew on hunger's spoiled feast. it doesn't fit anymore. these bones. this flesh. this face. too big. too small. too everything.

broken skin. no blood. the treason of want easily solves us.

the bridge is weak. the connection is costly. but we'd pay anything.

angles flaunt the swallow. the beautiful choke. of desire. a turbulent eruption of panic. in a sea of constants.

the september of now is tomorrow's winter.

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