Wednesday 9/26/2012 12:54:00 AM

sour atoms flaunt the fission. closer to god. by divisions of paradise. she whispers like knots coming undone. her voice straining on every syllable. her lips trembling with all the truths she never thought would catch up to her.

outside the world is thick and simple. heavy molasses skin. wears her too sweetly. spoils the bones. through the window the story glistens. moist and warm. sweaty gods raping their plastic Jesus. the path drips from her cunt. the destination festers in her abdomen.

she trusts the lie. knowing everything it isn't.

she has the hours. a deeper well. weak with thirst. she chases the rain. every drop a criminal. as the sky betrays. she names the clouds. as if they are her own. simple puzzles eager to become complicated. waiting. at the open bridge. certain the water is listening.

simple stitches the threads of time. the needle between her legs. all knotting together. the future is a predator.

the world is lonely and colorful. easy to envy. after all those hues have faded. thick like molasses. sticky gods with collapsing veins. heavy skeletons sorting the bones. the world chokes. on empty needles.

it's not like we were young enough then. to know how much there was to lose.

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