Sunday 9/16/2012 01:03:00 AM

mazes in the flesh. lies become us. edges turn. sheep without clothing. wolves in their underwear. bloated with intent. otherwise empty. the numbers are loud. Screaming. Imagining. Someone still listens.

the truth is hungry. desperate to consume. the future is different. only in the smallest sense. we stumble closer. pebbles pierce the surface of the water. sinking fast. Save the monsters for another day. I've seen enough.

name the shadows. corners much darker than the geometry of angles would suggest.

open the zipper. the world tumbles in. pale dominoes. manipulate the angles. the blunt trivia of want. bets on thieves. steals the sour from her cunt. draws its maps by the creases in her lips. the world forgives her. continues dancing to the easy rhythm of absent gods.

touch like strays. never satisfied. rabid confessors. i see the world as i assume the world must see all of us. spitefully alone. dull needles whispering with thread. drawn to the tears. all the soft places that scornfully beckon mending. when to continue bleeding is all that they really want.

fond of the darkness because it keeps our secrets. drawn to the corners. because sharp angles listen better.

the future finds her. far from home and eager to determine. how far she's come. how much further there is to go.

I've seen the world end. i trust the chaos that convinces us to love.

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