Saturday 9/15/2012 12:07:00 AM

pretty dolls with their faces all pencilled in. empty outlines hungry for color. in a grey world.

simple she says. simple enough. this redundant arithmetic. add. multiply. subtract. divide. skin. touch. want. give. pieces of gravity spinning in her head. as the ground falls away. i see it. i see it she protests. the abyss slumbering beneath us. beginning to wake.

particles decaying. the taste of emptiness bloating her cunt. hours unravelling. the piss of apathy much too sweet on her lips. it's easy. too easy she warns. to become strangers.

matchsticks in the flames. the lure of familiar prisons. the tremble of time as it lurhces onward on cracking crutches. can't run. can't crawl. falling forward. listen, she says. listen closely. to the scabs that are forming.

wounds close. the blood remains.

thieves on the moon. scraps of paper. trying to absorb the ocean. we change the world. and the world changes us. stabbing in colors. though everything is still grey.

it's not enough.

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