Monday 9/17/2012 11:20:00 PM

a butterfly is a monster. with huge fangs and sharp claws. a flower is a room without windows or a door. a song is a number without a name.

fingers map the terrain. slender paths choke the journey. no more going there. only leaving those places. a butterfly in a flower reciting a song.

a smile is a weapon. blunt and heavy. a cloud is a world without light or air. a poem is a word without a definition.

eyes chase the edges. thick borders suffocate the hunt. no more feeding. only death. a smile in a cloud whispering a poem.

a kiss is a deadly poison. eager fatality. a touch is a deep abyss. a voice is a planet without gravity. no more getting closer. always moving away. a kiss inside a touch chasing voices.

choices like thunder. circumstances like rain. The surface in screams. The drowning in whispers.

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