Thursday 9/20/2012 12:25:00 AM

stern to bow. tempest to tornado. the wind coughs and we are. the end suspects her. the beginning conceives. malleable dolls in sparkling gowns and bent tiaras. the slope of condition. not so slippery after all. one more party that doesn't know when to end.

arrogant authors sharpening their pens. no paper. just skin. the stubborn parchment of flesh. swimming. drowning in the ink. a flood of words. a hurricane of choices. eager to manufacture gods. smother the science that leaves us empty.

she panics. realizing the distance is too great. she embraces the world in hopscotch squares. Pebbles tossed. quantum rebellions. running on one leg. fetching freedom in a series of leaky buckets. gods destroyed by the simple thirst of every man. to know. to dominate.

soft pencil marks trace the bouquet. the scent of surrender puts her to bed. outlines solve for numerous x's. the calm equations of liberals and madmen.

cut in the scars that belong there. stranded in the future. all those breadcrumbs gone. no way back. no means forward. only the belly of the wolf to keep us warm. 

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