Tuesday 9/04/2012 12:11:00 AM

trust the blade. allow it to find the blood. Manic finger paintings. Of if and when. we were close enough to dismantle the edge.

grieve. for the endless hunger of the wind. stern apostrophes debate proper possession. moist teddy bears search for condoms among the dead.

ignore the sounds. as infinity approaches. the tumble of life. turning in the galaxy's hollow drum. a ritual. no gravity. just holding on. to broken strings. bruised fingers on the button. fractured feet on the pedal. as the machine surrenders. years shy and way beyond empty. numbers crush to know us. or anywhere we've been.

follow the spider. as he weaves his web. a series of murders dismissed as living.

own the cocoon. embrace the shell. as it devours what was. tomorrow's stern ambition. owning everything we are.

chase the tiger. choke on his stripes. the truth in paper cuts.

the lives of angels and demons. profoundly similar.

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