Thursday 9/06/2012 12:31:00 AM

paces and osmosis. terminal whispers. the ladder at the back of her throat. attempts to connect cerebrum and flesh. and fails again. shy songs. loud potions. as the path diverges. deeper into the wood or toward the pavement. The zipper in her head coming undone. the battles we choose aren't necessarily the battles we think we can win.

numbers. the flaccid biography of all life. counting down. living. that slow self destruct. with the start comes the end. always. thin butterfly wings solve for the cockroaches. Her eyes dead light bulbs. Her fists empty sockets. Nothing starts. nothing finished. It's all just the space between hollow milestones.

the fox on the pedestal. the lion in the brush. hunters and hunted converge in a spectacular eruption of conditions. alone in the thread. Smothered in the needle.

the package. the box unopened. everything and nothing inside it. Schrodinger's paradox resonating. dead and alive. here and gone. counting out loud. so they will know. how many pieces are missing.

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