Friday 9/07/2012 12:55:00 AM

catching time. in buckets and vomit. with bruises and fists. calculating moments. in blood and bullets. with razors and syringes.

no drug is easy. none is hard. they are all the same. soft boiled eggs in a cold pan. raw meat on thin bread. saturated. sickness in a fury of hunger. tempting us to swallow what we cannot digest.

the world is candy. hard and sour. the perpetuity of consciousness a weak constant against the frivolity of sweet skin. shards of thought breathe their mosaic. in a surrender of flesh.

distance confronts her. sharp atoms. Cut holes in the math. the arrogant equations that would tell us. if not for the weight of ambivalence.

Her paper raft argues with the ocean. Even as it's falling apart. Determined to find the source. of all this waiting.

a soft needle in a hard vein. it's not the end of the world, but it might as well be.

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