Saturday 9/08/2012 12:43:00 AM

swallow the skin. a funnel of doors. manipulate the walls. taste the edge. a thunder of dolls. as naked as you left them. plastic thighs too stiff to open. painted eyes struggle to see. she's just a picture. stuttering math draws her lips. promising words that never come. she's just colors. tricks of light. that coax images from nothing. a game of contrasts. that abruptly ends when they stop looking.

the science is mutable. a muddy series of numbers picking at the holes in the flesh. the universe is always hungry. famished for dust and sand. All the tiny particles that offer surrender. when the monkey is feeling superior.

content to keep digging.

confronted with paradox. broken clocks and needles spent. holes in the world spit us out. won't let us be swallowed. kites frantic to touch the sun.

to burn. to prove.

that Atlas shrugs.

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