Monday 9/03/2012 12:48:00 AM

dark. it's always so dark here. my eyes are stiff. blind, but pretending to see. the claws on the chalkboard that make it scream. the holes in the world ready to swallow us. brick and mortar. bone and skin. elements. small pieces. a mosaic of when. skin was still to be trusted. fingers could still feel.

dark. it's always dark here. vision like falling raindrops. quietly hits the ground. adding weight to the distance. adding color to pencil marks. silhouettes melting onto skeletons. darker. so much darker. floods of ink.

awkward with punctuation. the grammar of touch. frail words. like butterfly wings. cut by the wind. whispering change with every sneeze.

dark. it's always dark. her lips like thunder. her touch lightning. man negotiating his monkey. doubt fortifies. a panic of strangers. in these stairways. I'm blind. always have been. it's all dark. I'm guessing. every corner. every step.

sight. another wonderful lie i almost believe.

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