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Distance Over Time
Sunday 7/08/2012 01:12:00 AM

paper blades cut nearly as deep. crayon faces grin and laugh. her eyes are closed. her bed is empty. still she can see. she is not alone in her dissidence.

heavy apples weigh on the limbs. the gentle tug of gravity. weak, but effective. the temptation swells in her throat. and she is ready to fall again. always falling. flesh tethered to the wind. always laughing. because there is nothing else worth doing.

the martyrs in their heavy shrouds. name the dances. set the tempo. idle prophecies. shuffle the walls. between poets and madmen.

Arrogant demons with their polished horns. parachutes and tombstones steal her from the clouds. all that death close enough to want. Candy hearts still in their cellophane. As the sweetness forgets.


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