Monday 7/09/2012 01:08:00 AM

the ugly doll. limbs lost to the storm. swims in the void. eager to drown. an earnest parasite. suckling the bone. the wrinkled paper she takes for granted. the tiny scars that grow so big. a coyote. dwarfed by the mountains. A deer negotiating with the hunter. a tapestry of barbarians. masturbating on their clubs.

silver scrapes. and flesh is dense. in math. in life. in pleasure. hard angles defer to the parabola.

the distance absorbs the effort. Newton's cradle. Einstein's relative. the shy parachutes of broken wings. stooping to check for the existence of gravity.

Arrogant Earth. Naive sky. Decimals too close to death. Verbs belonging to strangers. The pattern. the growl of the beast. Hostile flowers and their thorny fists. Story more than enough. The leaden grope of the hour. Making art from the victims.

Pretty colors swallow the world.

Impossible mazes pretend to have an exit.

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