Saturday 7/07/2012 12:26:00 AM

Gentle lies tell us. Fractions determine the whole. Fussing over the finer details of the void. The monkey thumps his bible while the mosquito stings the atom. Progress. Yellow and grey and unlikely. Fingers in the lava.

The knot undone.

Strategies confess.

Aggressive truths hunt. Impotent predators tempted by the frailty of flesh.

Beasts in their folding chairs. Barking at the sun. It only rains when I've forgotten my umbrella. Time is only arithmetic. The simplest of calculations. Like any number always divisible by one. Maybe something more. Or even a little less. Depending on how you approach it.

Every breath is a clock. Counting down. Every touch a volcano.

Her time machine choking on the science of when.

As powerful as she wishes. As weak as she can stand.

Small like an answer. Vast like a question.

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