Monday 2/27/2012 01:01:00 AM

i found her. softer than she wanted to be. long trips to the edge. gentle blizzards. dirty needles. the uncertainty a drug. the hopelessness addictive.

she wore us. an incredible feast of skin. like erupting suns and heroin needles. to lick the brain and pause the consciousness. the moment. like piss. burning down her leg. in cuts of when. young was still just a demon.

the ice. the snow. the vague sense of darkness. that wears the remnants of her skeleton. she's dead. a ghost. but they don't know it.

the end of the world comes and goes. like melting chocolate. sweet and dark and lonesome.

her moments tremble with choices. like men. soft and sweet and forgetful.

just as she wants them to be.

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