Saturday 2/25/2012 01:40:00 AM

this is the opposite of prayer.

the supple thighs of time spread. to accommodate. the ravenous math of love. tepid strangers drowning under the weight of their unpleasant faces. the foolish caution of skin. like rampant sirens. shivering all through the bones. tracing the path. following. the thump of madmen. as they beat their pillows.

the world is impatient. this is the opposite of god.

a thread. hungry enough to breathe. the choice erases her. Bullets screaming at dead things. Triggers still virgin. The questions in her head gently evolving into answers. The hysteria of touch deciding. how close she'll get. to knowing. those strangers.

deaf men in a sea of blindness. listening to the colors.

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