Wednesday 2/29/2012 12:20:00 AM

toothless dogs chew on the bones. of grey houses. windows without curtains. rooms to look inside and envy. the nothing that is there. the vitriol. the fetishes of strays. the hiccup of gravity. that gently tugs on them. as they count their absent legs.

the math menstruates. much too feminine to respect. the numbers bleed from her. a madness of moments miscarried.

the science thrusts. erect and eager. the hum of life stabbing. a swarm of touch. like dying drones. sick with the hive.

the small. bigger than expected.

years betray. a parade of infinities. the loop expresses gravity diminished. there are no furthers depths to fall.

she chases the ghost. the manic despot that holds her crayons hostage. she draws in pencil. she erases in ink.

she negotiates with gravity. for one more chance to prove everything is small.

little girls. empty dresses. the numbers unsure. the skin too certain. the equations suffocate. the bridges tremble. the gap widens. the distance grows. the silence screams in darkly soiled sheets.

the torn doll. her fingers carelessly sewn to her lips. afraid to speak.

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