Wednesday 2/15/2012 12:25:00 AM

the spy on its back listens. as the mountain sighs. the plaid of her frown not as obvious to them as she expected. tentative needles test the heroin. Caress the vein. too patient with gravity. Impact tells the stories she never has.

Checkerboards of skin. Poor players strutting. Fretting. The Shakespeare in their game. Falling. Clumsy poets obese with more words than wisdom. Stabbing. With plastic weapons. At clay monsters. And the dwindling futures. that plague this flesh.

The ladder bends. Fatigued and obedient. Nervous fairy tales alter the costumes to fit them. the snake. Confident with its temptation. Let's the apple fall.

the child bends down. to taste it. and is devoured.

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