Monday 2/13/2012 12:51:00 AM

long stories. told by strangers. the shy plaint of skin. the egregious errands of bone and breast. bargain with fickle utopias.

the world ends in tiny kisses.

and begins the same.

tracing the tongues of madmen. trembling vessels. similar to woman. the crease of proportion deep. the lurch of condition ambivalent. puppets. theater. stages bursting with the dialogue of when. the light was dim. but she could still see. like a dull needle dancing against the end of its thread.

the calm of the witch. comforts. the fever of the ogre shakes. the straw from weak houses. her lips like thunder. echo the lightning. of virulent storms.

the punch of time. impotent. smothers her in tiny kisses. like the world is ending.

it is.

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