Friday 2/17/2012 01:15:00 AM

choice. the slight of decision. accusing flesh. soft lies against the hard wall of truth. tender leashes. tame the thirst. of rabid dogs.

the pull of the streetlight. too independent to care. the weight of the fog. like stiff pedals. broken glass. the halting rituals of want. like insects infesting. little bites everywhere.

the old man. the italicized kiss. long walks. atoms stretched thin. soft explosions. full of invisible tears. and absentee skin. the choice comes to claim her, but she is unwilling to confess.

pale birthday cakes and melting candles not ready to be snuffed. the shadow on her shoulder. a dagger long, but not sharp. the darkness like a motor. drives her closer.

to the edge.

small decisions. rapidly expanding.

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