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Alcoholic Poet. Poetry Equals Distance Over Time.

Distance Over Time
Wednesday 1/25/2012 12:44:00 AM

treble flames. point their dominoes. away from the sun. the pitch of gravity reveals. the parasite of confession. eager needles. punch the wind. their poison the only reason to keep climbing.

yellow like truth. sticky and sour with blame. blue like love. soft and foul. the porch door trembles. the glass in the windows shudders. laugh. let me fall. let me stumble and be of their ridicule. I am content to be laughed at by idiots and loved by madmen.

her stories tell her. child climbing ladders just shy of heaven. unaware that she's always been high enough.

skin like cataracts. adds to the blur. little piglets. brick houses. ripe to fall down. the words spill from her fingers. in a thunder of conditions. desert and cloud. like symphonies in her head. crack and multiply. until everything is red.

the nightmare befriends her. in small steps and fractures of bricks. the wolf breathes. in his quiet oppression. empowered with the sickness.

the creaking lantern. the faltering wind. the backdoor. the thin glass between lovers. That lets me see what they really want.

the sequence. the surrender. torn invitations. as her party goes on. without strangers. without friends. dense with the science of men. heavy with the friction of surrender.

as red as her choices. as blue as the voids they've left her with. her broken toys play with her. long after the bulbs are dead.

and the monsters we let live us. are all that they'll remember.


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