Sunday 1/22/2012 01:11:00 AM

prepare the wolf. soft swords. like fading memory. quiet floods. in the ripe of her arms. the beautiful girl. the ugly truth.

tell the story. in pink cheeks. and doubting arms. the whisper of right against the roar of wrong.

the shrug of the apple. more thread than needle. as it mends those holes.

let the monster inside. play the martyr. to wasted saviors. pressing the absolute. soft buttons. slender threads. work their way through the doll. in stiff smiles and frozen tears.

loud liars. befriend the battle. soft soldiers adjust the war. until everything is sober.

bad dogs. chewing on the bones we've left. stray gods dance on the strings of puppets.

Loose threads. for the monsters to pull on.

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