Sunday 1/22/2012 12:05:00 AM

numbers. thumbs. chimps.

the eye unfolding like an uncertain bridge. steps too close. edges scraping.

the light coughed. the dark chose. each one dying of the same disease. in different poses.

she drew him. smudges and pencil scars. paper swords. left in empty stones. to draw upon. in nervous floods of ink. the grin of distant stars. hungry ghosts. to color in blank faces. and try on fallowed skins. dead leaves. a mosaic of faces. reap. the hollow.

the pantomime continues. a whisper of madness. small comfort against the roar of mediocrity.

blunt gods. without their guns. waste their munitions. on similar corpses. fallen leaves. soften the edges of broken glass.

listening. deaf hours. blind years. still find us. wanting.

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