Thursday 12/15/2011 12:41:00 AM

terminal. temporal. contrite. stillborn hours. premature years.

i watch the night undress. stitch by stitch. its skin is exposed. blank. oedipal. dead particles. excited by broken atoms.

she asks when. i answer now.

a redundant game of cat and mouse. still charmed by the hunt.

distorted. nervous. in the rush of revision. bean stalks and giants. thundering footsteps. tremors in the atmosphere. like breath redolent of lovers. bleeding through. from the time before we met. the choke of distance. stifles our breath. as we surrender to the kiss.

close to the end. closer still to the beginning.

skeleton wings. stab the wind. no flight. no names. only the places below us. once so small. getting bigger.

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