Tuesday 12/13/2011 12:32:00 AM

bled. discarded. determined. the huff of thick scars. they scrape the when. as it tries to remember what is better left forgotten.

the battle. the sword. the dead. merely the vessel. for a much larger struggle. the season. the change. steps in the path to the edge.

the drop so steep. it dwarfs how high we are. the flesh is an ambivalent story. the skeleton reluctantly narrates.

holes much deeper. than they seemed from the surface.

the texture of if. like burlap and cognac. the sweet tenacity of friction. as it extracts flesh from ghosts. and finds the humanity in sex.

turning lives into stories. simple gods trying on their gowns. afraid to dance. knowing the music of touch is brief. and the science of men is fickle.

soft surrenders. lean hard. into the arms of the abyss. charmed by the principle of its uncertainty.

Thieving their moments. From shallow cuts. To infinity's throat.

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