Monday 12/12/2011 12:23:00 AM

soldiers. dogs. good-bye laughs. stiff. apparent. awkward. in its highest heels. banter and bark. and dying trees. too tall to blame.

minutes to become us. years to tinker with. what we were.

guns. bark. cries the wolf. soft. emollient. arrogant. in its shortest skirt. liars and trials. the skin is evidence. the moment is wager. the gamble is taken. too often.

woodsmen. witches. soft and creased on the shoulder of the shadow. the fable too heavy. the flesh too thin.

the fairy tale is thick with risk. sacrifice. and fear. the lesson is dark with blame. we are all guilty. of waiting. for change to happen.

straw. sticks. brick. harder. emptier houses.

for all our crutches.

they still fall down.

we are all children in our stories. and old in our skins.

a puzzle of moments. that almost fit.

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