Friday 12/16/2011 12:29:00 AM

outlines. needles. faces. the deviance of numbers is not to be contained. she is found in her lostness. she is loud in her silence. a proton. teasing the template of physics. with short numbers and long division.

paper plates. a feast of conditions. betray my hunger. the more i swallow the greater the intensity of my starvation.

rubber bands. plastic forks. spoil their lovers. with choices. close. haunted by the pale suicide of a stranger's touch. or distant. content beside them in the solitude of the grave.

he says i was. but i don't remember her. child. writhing in trembles of touch. a circus of skin. eager to impress.

i can recall the clowns. and the animals. time travels through her. a dull dagger. drawing its picture in blood. i recognize the monsters. but still don't know their names.

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