Sunday 12/18/2011 12:18:00 AM

vultures. labia. elective skins.

elements of when. molecules coalescing. dominant juxtapositions. tear her apart. to fit inside. give her a name. no one else calls her.

the math is in her thighs. the result is anywhere else.

you there she whispers. forgive my blindness. words are despots. sight is a stranger. let me feel you. touch your face. so that i may see. what physiology neglects.

it's all pretend until the we break each other. shovels. hammers. picks. fingernails on skin. tearing open. hollow boxes.

love is for women and liars. she says. adamant in her convictions. the rest of us have only that one moment. when the math was pure. and the numbers still belonged to us.

dandelions. suffering the breath of a wish.

frail gods. choking on their Edens.

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