Tuesday 11/29/2011 12:26:00 AM

yellow. green. blue. colors spill from her like death. there is no life. only beginning. middle. end. a violent short story. told by despots and orphans.

bridge. traitor. champion. they are all the same. a pace from paradise. miles from satisfaction.

the road travels her. in fits of distance. both brief and bright. broken thumbs teasing the trigger. on empty rifles. the shot rings out. as loud as it is impotent. a scream of skin. on a collision course with touch.

episodes of choice. flirt with how. red. black. brown. there is no living. just minutes stolen. from youth's tightly clenched fist.

time sickens her. an intrinsic illness. her head suffers the symptoms. her body feigns a cure.

broad wires pull on limbs. thick lights attempt to conceal. the illusion is stalwart. piano keys striking broken cords. continue to play their song. the truth is lenient. wet paper dolls still hold on to each others' hands.

real is relative. an army of candles. consumed by a single flame.

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