Saturday 11/26/2011 11:59:00 PM

suspended elements. rage. tumble. boom. gloat. in lengths of blunder.

peaches. plums. wisdom. everything begins in the dirt. and also ends there.

long ropes. short branches. keyholes in the atoms. smaller than the smallest piece. are still bigger than us.

notes on the princess. still hide in the pea.

puzzles. places. when. empty dungeons. inherit their prisoners. from dusted vampires. and vanquished demons. yet all of those dead monsters are always born again. in the relentless pace of hunger. as it stutters through the trenches in this skin.

the switch stays off. the bulbs remains dark. though there is friction enough. to ignite the spark.

moments. the squeal of colliding atoms. as they form the worlds we imagine exist. heavy tomes. rich with stories. of seldom heroes. and the gods they trusted. would keep counting. after we'd lock track of them.

needles. knots. thread. humble with the chaos. of changes. armor. swords. castles. swallowed up in the turbulence of the math. a sequence of numbers. infinite with ends.

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