Saturday 11/26/2011 12:17:00 AM

places. folds. conditions of when. small shadows. in the clench of the mountain. try to sound big.

the cavity. churns. its echo dissonant to its depth. the wind murmurs. as it seizes the edge.

one pill is poison. the other is life. they taste the same. they look alike. they are identical. in every way. except. one kills you quickly. the other one is slower.

gardens grow. wolves growl. clouds weep. faces to try on. tasting the sweet hunger of strays. swallowing the bitter sate of urgent skin. slivers of glass. to measure our progress.

she said she would remember. the way back.

through the tall trees. that block the heaven's generous maps. through the thick mud. that steals the evidence of her steps. but none of it looks familiar. and all her breadcrumbs have been eaten. by hungrier creatures.

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