Wednesday 11/30/2011 12:15:00 AM

numbers. templates. paradigms for culpatory conditions. origami swans. their necks broken.

the bulk correlation divisible by the mass of conjunction. candy hearts. all their words rubbed off.

permutation. obvious follies. hypocrisy in prevalence. rusted zippers. on the backs of men.

ambulatory resonance. impatience. perfunctory incisions. simple scissors cut the atom.

places weep. sparse drops of rain. taste the glass. in uneven cuts. that separate moment and momentum. windows sharp. peel the scabs. that differentiate hope and madness.

proximity plays it song. a weak minstrel with a sour smile. laughs out loud how close we are. deep in deserts frequented by ghosts.

she walks in apologies. kneeling mountains. and plastic suns. wait for the world to stop. are lost each night it continues to function.

she fucks in wishes. Genies trapped in their lamps. lace panties torn by fat asses.

Pencils with no erasers left. Scribble answers to questions no one asked.

The world is small. like we are. And it counts out loud. Like we do. So as not to lose track. Of long division. And balloons without strings. All the possibilities. That blot out what is real.

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