Friday 12/02/2011 12:11:00 AM

stubborn fruition. bold blankets. work the folds. eliminating the extraneous permutations. angry monkeys beat the ground. with big sticks. Erroneously assuming someone is listening.

turtles give their speeches. arrogant amphibians discard their shells. playing to the race they've already won.

simple things. turn ugly. monsters unmasked. but they were always there. so how to stop loving them.

matter is mutable. entropy gives chase. change is a factor. decision is a tempting variable. but we are helpless.

thieves caught in the cycle of entitlement. dry river beds. simple gods. overcome. by the devils we've created. to prove ourselves.

entropy. the thrust of darkness. colors her wounds. traces her scars. discovers all those pieces. brighter still. for the decay.

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