Monday 10/31/2011 12:01:00 AM

colors. like fever. the ink spreads away from the bottle. for it those walls are only a suggestion.

the candy house. the woodsman. needles to thread. orphans. temptation. abandon. patterns to follow. the story telling us.

once upon a time she laments.

the woods. the basket. the wolf. the curious percussion of surrender. plucking at shoulders.

she sinks deeper. into the soil. walking in place. footprints quickly become trenches.

she imagines herself liquid. but it's not the same. her confines are not external. they lie within.

naked dolls. tempting Satan.

the glass breaks. malevolent in its determination. to taste the sun. rotting wood. dusty curtains. battles won. in a war without victors.

the apple sours. turns brown. once it is bitten. but that first sweet taste of its poison remains inside her. ink under her skin. spreading. filling her with pictures. of a room without windows.

a place. where walls are still enough.

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