Wednesday 11/02/2011 12:32:00 AM

stale faces. rotten fists. missing eyes. where they once saw me. absent lips. in the void where the words used to pretend. in their world. in hers, his, ours and mine. it takes a massive army of lies to defend just a small patch of flesh.

i used to sleep on the mountain tops. tickling the bellies of the hunting hawks. now i just lay awake. staring at empty skies.

the hour stretches. bends to comply. because i fell asleep inside my time machine with the motor running. i'm always there. i never was. the difference merely desire. i assumed the cat dead inside the box. until i took off the lid and got scratched.

then it stopped working. left me stranded on this island. too tired to erect a new bridge. too ugly to persuade the math to give me a new passage.

the monsters know the choices. tandem tiers revolve the axis. skin like warfare. eyes like machine guns. and right as frivolous as grenades. everything is stark. blindness is my gift. as i reach out. not knowing what i'll grab.

my stories bark their treasons. in fits of when and stabs of how. wire saws across the throats of soldiers. as the war chokes forward. and its battles sink harder into my bones.

i'm only a fraction. eyes like decimals. defer to the whole. a bit of friction on the gears. as the machine shifts. time races. touch surrenders. a tapeworm in the gut of the universe. swimming in its shit.

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