Friday 5/20/2011 11:18:00 PM

gravity beguiles with the
distance yet to fall as
bone scrapes against
skin stretched across the
space between and
time convinced

time turns her corners
gravity folds its ink
space is the hero
distance is enemy
skin wears it out
bone makes it fit

bone wears the shroud
time slowly unzips
skin still remembers what
gravity would try to erase
distance is not the measure
space is not the why

space separates
bone holds us hard
distance finds the bridge
time would construct
gravity is weak
skin makes us strong

skin makes us weak
space plays the abacus
gravity wears the math
bone is divided between
time when and the
distance to how

distance wears her vaguely in
skin of a shade too soft,
time makes its cuts in the
space we've left between
bone's humility and
gravity's arrogance

distance space bone
too far
time gravity skin
too close

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