Friday 5/20/2011 12:38:00 AM

terminals in the void. execute the paradox. the breadcrumbs deciding how long we are to remain lost. we go back too far. altering the outcome. distorting the journey that led us this far. never having been anywhere at all.

circumstance punctuates the darkness. the liberal equity of when. pushes against gravity. until nothing is capable of falling.

she lays in her chamber. a pawn with aspirations of queen. she hates the board. the alternating colors of the squares. how much they resemble love. how easily they disregard the alternatives.

the ticking clock and the wilting tree perform their dance. distance like maggots. is hungry for corpses.

what if it was and can't ever be again. what if i missed it being too busy waiting for it to happen.

the scratch of the fox as it hides in its den. the wheeze of forever as it finds its footing. nervous children carrying heavy buckets full of nothing.

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