Sunday 5/22/2011 12:31:00 AM

the coin lands in her palm. emphatic variables. resilient with confession. the clown without its nose. just a man. in too much makeup. a red frown on the eclipse of a tear. the barter of condition. a simple treaty. when the war overwhelms.

piano keys barely pressed. a quiet song. in a maze of monkeys too confident in their own evolution. pale buttons on a thread of locks. the animals comforts. the mystery pretends. there is something more.

the empty pocket. coins falling out. the little gods swamped with huge confessions. still content in the crowns. failing seams. sewn into hungry minutes. knots behind the needle. wear their missions.

the boulder finally confesses. that gravity is weak.

the knots are soft. the window is open. we fall because we want to prove. how distant the bottom is.

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