Sunday 2/13/2011 12:25:00 AM

temperance beguiles wagging tongues. solvent numbers blush at the conditions of when. tallying her steps as she approaches the edge. its abyss a short drop by comparison to how far she has already fallen.

the monsters mewl. blind kittens writhing in a perpetual darkness. the only real monsters are the ones we carry with us.

the portent and the polish. of dutiful devotions. the scrape of leather. against stiff walls. as she slithers out of her dress. the floor forgotten. the ceiling distant and weak. as she looks up to decide what worth keeping remains.

soil and seeds. grave gardens for the stalk. the hours in a boastful thunder. still bring no rain.

the void reaches out. tries to touch her. a moaning desert sick with the things it couldn't save.

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