Thursday 2/10/2011 11:50:00 PM

sort and sire. thin legs strut a broad gait. the screen breathes to life. a starving infant. mother's tits too high. like pennies and daggers. it's always too quiet.

a rigour of checks and balances. counting silently. the travels of a lifetime. predators and wine. they flow relentlessly. pebbles and stones. war and peace are simultaneous. always.

ilk and ire. the prescient manipulations of arrogance and futility. soft stairs. hard shoes. the crunch of sand and salt in each step. the cold in bullets. vagrant and disobedient. a tunnel through the grotesque circumstance.

pointed fingers. pointed hearts. the menace of hope splitting fragile hairs.

she pretends that time isn't there. that the darkness has an end.

and sometimes.

she even believes it.

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